Why Soul Priority Exists

Why Soul Priority?

Everyone of us would love to look over our shoulder at the past and see accomplishment and fulfillment. Yet the joys of pursuing a career can fall prey to goals that seem to move as soon as you near them or the temperament and character of those you work with or for  The lack of resources, support and recognition can steal away energy and drive, wear down your grit and leave you feeling alone and working without meaning or purpose.

As an entrepreneur and former business owner, I’ve experienced the rewards and disappointments that rise and fall on what we measure as success. I also know the pressures that can be exerted on the most moral individual to compromise, cut corners or do what it takes to get and keep an edge in the marketplace.

What is it that gives you and me the courage to power through disappointment and to continue doing the right thing despite the apparent advantage given those who don’t? In addition, how do we find balance that satisfies both the professional and the personal sides of our life’s scale? This is why Soul Priority exists!

Soul Priority groups will lead you through Work in the Light. These discussion materials were created to encourage and equip you to lean into your abilities, talents and passions to perform and achieve your best in order to benefit those around you and to glorify God.  God spells success, f-u-l-f-i-l-l-m-e-n-t and He spells achievement, s-a-t-i-s-f-a-c-t-i-o-n.